“Rareori ne gândim la ceea ce avem, dar mereu la ceea ce ne lipseşte.”

Stateam un pic si filozofam la natura umana si am ajuns la concluzie. Asa cum spune si in titul ,noi ne gandim mai mereu la ce ne lipseste si prea putin ne bucuram de ce avem. Asa cum spunea si un mare filozof, omul traieste ori in trecut ori in viitor.

Traiesti in viitor- ma refer la faptul ca mai mereu planuiesti ceva pentru viata, si nu pretuieste momentul. Traiesti in trecut, deseori ne gandim la ce a fost dar nu la ce se intampla acum. In a treia ipostaza este sa ne gandim la trecut ca sa stim ce sa facem in viitor. Dar nu traim in prezent.

“Rareori ne gândim la ceea ce avem, dar mereu la ceea ce ne lipseşte.”

Asa cum cu toti speram la o situatie financiara si materiala mai buna, Aristtoel spunea in opera sa “Etica Nicomahica” ca banii nu sunt necesari ca un om sa fie fericit, sau intr-o alta interpretare, “De ce ar avea nevoie omul de bani pentru a ne face fericiti?”
Bunurile materiale au rolul de a ne face viata mai usoara, dar oare si mai fericita?

Nu cred ca telefonul meu m-a facut atat de feticita ca joaca in parc, sa jocurile copilariei


I was sitting for a bit and philosophy to human nature and came to the conclusion. As I said in the TITLE, we always think what we lack and we enjoy what little we have. As a great philosopher and said, man lives or in the past or in the future. Live in the future-I mean he fact that always planning something for life, and not cherish the moment. Live in the past, we often think of what was but what is happening now. In the third stance is to think of the past to know what to do in the future. But we don’t live in present.

We rarely think about what we have, but always what we lack.”

As with all hope in a better financial situation and material, Aristtoel said in his work Nicomachean Ethicsthat money is not necessary for a man to be happy, or in another interpretation, “Why would a man need money to make us happy?
The materials are designed to make our lives easier, but is happier? I do not think my phone so I made lamb’s like playing in the park, his childhood games.


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