Enjoy the life that way it is

Usually, to see the close details, you need a bit of imagination and curiosity just to enjoy the mistery that you found, and be happy that you see the beauty on it.

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”



Bocicoel, o bijuterie a Maramuresului...

Bocicoel is a commune in Maramureş County, Transylvania, Romania. The village lies in the northern part of Maramures and connects Viseu Valley Iza Valley, located between Bogdan Voda and Viseu de Jos.

Before the communist regime was common self-reliant, and less time belonged to Viseu de Jos commune, then was switched to common Bogdan Voda.
The city is historically attested for the first time in 1365 as the property of Prince Simon, as evidenced by the “History of Maramures Mariana Sustiva, p. 65 and “History of Maramures Alexandru Filipaşcu, p. 87.

In 1444 is the property of another “Simion of Bocicoelrewarded for his bravery by Hunyadi and his son Matthias (“History of Maramures Al. Filipaşcu, p. 65). Bud Titus on page 27 in his “Historical Data deaneries, parishes Romanian monasteries from Maramures from ancient times until 1911“, which mentions the village Bocicoel (Kisbacsko) records: In 1365 already are reminded that once donaţiunea Louis Balc his son Sas Voda and his brothers, “which meant that Simon (Simon) is the son of Sas Voda‘s brother Balc.
The city was formed by placing forest workers; very probably have been the first Bocicoiu Mare, near Sighet, which gave the name. We can deduce that all the “History of MaramuresAl. Filipaşcu (p. 51), which shows that his companions Bogdan Voda, when they dwelt in Moldova, founded new villages and gave them their baptismal name or the name of Maramures villages they left (near Ileanda going to Cluj-Napoca, a few miles on the left is a village called Dolheni, probably made all the forestry workers come from village Dolhasca-Bucovina).

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Depth.”

Photography 101: Architecture

Lack of inspiration at this time, I chose something more “at home”, like this fountain. Being renovated, now seems more mysterious, do not want to know how it looks before both the park and fountain. I do not think the theme is full equiped incadraza – Architecture, but it is something you do not see in all cities.

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Photography 101 moment

How to start? how? when? and in what way was this picture taken? Probably
First, that day I had to do a project on the Danube promenade called “color in my town.” The goal was to bring a smile on the faces of those who walked by, saying things like a happy spring” or “to have a beautiful springand giving them balloons. That was 2 years ago. After finishing balloons and the paper flowers, we have to cross the Danube by ferry. And there I took pictures at anything that moves, even this abandoned boat.


The teacher was not with us, but trust that we will be “responsible and obedient“. It seems that we were obedient.
I hope that no teacher involved in the project do not see it : S